A year ago, we thought a good deal of lessons were behind us. After all, how clever we must be launching our company on the palindrome of the millennia: 02022020.

We set forth only to encounter challenges unlike any in history within a month of spinning up.

Fast forward to today and we find ourselves where we planned on being last February. A case and point for our first lesson:

Forget Your Plans

Our original plan was to build a product studio focused on high-risk, fast-paced product builds. As we watched 2020 unfold we made the decision to double down on existing client…

At Radar we consider dApps to be an application design pattern that augments modern web applications by distributing critical components across a network of peers or nodes.

Radar has a clear vision. If you keep up with our content, you are probably sick of hearing it: onboard the world to the token economy. The difficulty with this vision is that it requires a way for the world to interface with the token economy.

Currently, we believe the best interface to the token economy is through the dApp ecosystem. …

Mike Roth

Using technology to surface solutions for early-stage startups. Partner @ManyUses, previously Co-founder/CTO @RadarRelay.

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