The dApp Design Pattern

At Radar we consider dApps to be an application design pattern that augments modern web applications by distributing critical components across a network of peers or nodes.

Radar has a clear vision. If you keep up with our content, you are probably sick of hearing it: onboard the world to the token economy. The difficulty with this vision is that it requires a way for the world to interface with the token economy.

What is a dApp?

The definition of a dApp is dynamic and will continue to change as the decentralized ecosystem matures and naming conventions and definitions solidify.

Radar Relay Infrastructure

Modern Web Applications

Modern Web App Infrastructure

A dApp’s Primary Goals

Mitigate Single Points of Failure (SPOF)

Distributed Data (SPOF Mitigation)

Reduce Reliance on Central Authorities

Improve Security

Given the combination of the above two points, security in an application can be improved by mitigating common risks in current application architecture. More specifically, by introducing client-side encryption, dApps secure or encrypt certain types of information before it is sent to an application’s servers. This data can then be accessed directly by a user using their encryption key without having to go through a data gateway (such as a company’s servers or APIs).

Take Advantage of Network Effects

Modern web applications are capable of taking advantage of network effects by creating a sticky service and attempting to grab as large of a piece of the market share pie as possible. A good example of this is OAuth or “Login with X”. Google and Facebook can provide a cohesive cross-product service, but are limited by the scope of their individual user base and information stored in their private servers.

Cryptography and Distributed Ledgers

There are a few pieces of technology currently in use which make up some of the foundational building blocks for the dApp ecosystem and enable a dApp to accomplish its primary goals.

dApp Technologies

Distributed Data Storage

Trustless Data Storage

Distributed Business Logic

Executing Trustless Business Logic

Client Side Encryption

Encryption for the End User

Using technology to surface solutions for early-stage startups. Partner @ManyUses, previously Co-founder/CTO @RadarRelay.

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